ON what side do I ride my bike?

This depends upon the country, town, city, and place where you live. If you are living in the united states then you should ride your bike on the right side of the road and also on the street.

Is it necessary to lock my bike?

It is very important for your bike’s security and your mental satisfaction. If the lock is not available while you are visiting the market so you should choose the shop that has a window. Simply park your bike in front of the shop’s window where you can easily see your bike.

What kind of information did I need before buying a bike?

There is much information you need before buying a bike. First, you should keep in your mind the needs which tend to you to buy a bike. So it is our goal to prove the basic knowledge that is necessary to know before buying a bike. If you want to know about any bike then must visit our website. There is the following basics information that you need:

  • Size of Bike
  • Brakes and gear system
  • Suspension system
  • Tires are tubeless or not

My bike is lost what do I do?

It is a very serious problem. In this situation first get the serial number of your bike and also complain to the police. Also, do some detective work such as memorize the last moment when you see your bike last time and also memorize some unusual activities of anyone.

At what age the children able to start cycling?

There are many brands are design many bikes for children. There are many sizes are available on the market that is suitable for every child that can cycle and also have the strength and interest to do riding. There is a design that has tires that are used to balance the bike.

Can I assemble my bike without knowing any information about assembling?

It is not hard to assemble the bike generally the main parts are assembled previously by the company but you need to assemble the front wheel and seat yourself. It is not necessary to know about assembling knowledge. So you can not worry about assembling it is very easy and mostly you don’t need to assemble your bike.

Is riding is vital for lose belly fat?

It is a very good question. Cycling is a good option for belly fat loss. It is not only good for your fat burning but also vital for metabolic rate and muscle mass.

How long Should I ride my bike?

Excess of everything is bad so you must plan the timings of riding, about 40 to 60 minutes per day and almost 4 to 5 days in a week. You should warm up your body before cycling. First, you should start pedaling slowly then pick up the speed. When your body warm-up then ride your bike fast as you can. The sweat is dropping down when you are cycling fast.