The pivot bikes are very famous in the world. The Pivot is a bike manufacturer company that make different types of bikes for riders. The main focus of this brand is racing, so that pivot cycles are unique and efficient. The quality of these bikes is very high because pivot cycles are tests before selling. Many models have almost the same design. There are following are types of pivot cycles:

Mountain Bikes

Gravel Bikes


Road Bikes

Fat Bikes

Mountain Bikes from Pivot Bikes

As the name suggests, the mountain bikes are generally for climbing on mountains and rocky paths. For this purpose, mountain bikes are designed and created with robust and high-quality materials. The shock systems are compelling of mountain bikes. There are following are mountain bikes:

  • Mach 4 SL Carbon Pro
  • LES SL Carbon Race Race XT Mountain Bikes
  • Mach 6 Pro X01 Eagle Air Mountain Bike
  • Switchblade 29 Pro X01 Mountain Bike
  • Switchblade 29 Pro XT Mountain Bike
  • Mach 6 Pro X01 Eagle Coil Mountain Bike
  • Switchblade 29 Race XT mountain Bike

Pivot Bikes

Gravel Bike

Gravel bicycles are all drop-bar bicycles that permit one to slough off the trail onto terrain more exciting. Whenever some gravel bicycles are more tailored to accommodate the rushing close of this spectrum, experience bicycles are usually forming to handle the requirements of more multi-day off-road trips, or, since it’s traditionally understood, bike packing. There are some Gravel bikes:

  • Vault
  • LES 275 Boost
  • LES 29 Boost
  • Mach 4 SL

Endure Bike from Pivot Bikes

The enduro bike is similar to trail bikes and used for racing, but the enduro bikes are heavier than trail bikes, it means that the components are fatter and wide. Experience is required to balance the endure cycle during racing. There is an enduring cycle of pivot bikes:

  • Fire Bird 29
  • Mach Shuttle
  • SwitchBlade
  • Trail 429 complete Bike

Mach 4 SL Carbon Pro X01 Eagle Mountain Bike

The Mach carbon is a type of mountain bike offered by pivot bike brand. The design of this bike is very similar to the rocket ship. There are very high-quality brakes that make it controllable. Made up of high-quality components that make it premium and reliable. The best feature of this bike is a suspension that activates much time during the race. It is designed for mountain riding to be more robust and have excellent brakes and suspension system from pivot bikes.

Pivot Bikes

LES SL Carbon Race Race XT Mountain Bikes

The LES carbon bike is one of the most potent bikes for racing and riding on mountains. It is made up of high-quality carbon that makes it perfect for racing and lightweight. It has ultra-lightweight components such as brakes and suspension system. The size of wheels is 29 inches that mean it is the standard sized bike for mountain climbing. Price is an essential point for bike lovers, so the cost is $3999.

Switchblade 29 Pro X01 Mountain Bike

As the name suggests, the Switchblade 29 is generally for mountain climbing. Its wheels’ size is about 27 inches, which means it is smaller than the mountain bike of pivot bikes. The components are very high quality and lightweight, due to this reason, it looks premium. It offers shock resistance system that is very powerful and reliable. The main highlight of this bike is DW link suspension that makes it shockproof and comfortable. It is the best option for long-distance racers. It contains hydraulic disk brakes that help the rider to control the bike very efficiently. The critical point is that Pivot provides the ten-year warranty. Tubeless tires are not available but down tube protect or defend the tube. The price of this bike is about $7,299.

Mach 6 Pro X01 Eagle Coil Mountain Bike

The Mach 6 pro bike is the latest version of Mach 4. it has the same feature, but some improvements are adding in this bike. The size tires are 29 inches that mean it is the standard sized bike. The central part of this bike is DW link suspension that makes its shock resistance and comfortable. The main difference between Mach 4 and Mach 6 is the size of components and price. Its price is about $7,699.

LES 275 Boost Pivot Bikes

The LES 275 Boost bike is the most popular racing bike. Its speed is very high because it is for racing. Thus,  formed with high quality but lightweight carbon metal that makes it fast and easy to handle. Its price is about $2200.

pivot bikes

Firebird 29 bike

Even the Pivot Firebird was quite potent with 27.5″ brakes; the brand’s newest 29er not just includes bigger wheels, however a much longer downhill-focused geometry too. The bicycle also supplies the entire 170 mm travel at the front and even 162 mm in the Back. The latter is commanded by way of a DW-Link linkage, as is customary for Pivot. All that is necessary is that a much taller lesser headset that accompanies each Motorcycle. You might correct the headset and seat tube angle from 0.5° and underneath bracket elevation by 6 inches M M with a reverse chip over the back linkage. The majority of the time, but we chose around the idle atmosphere — that you usually do not force a Porsche in third-gear just. Like another 29″ bicycle out of Pivot, the Firebird 29 includes 157 mm broad”super-boost” back axle spacing, substantially raising the stiffness of their trunk along with additionally supplying lots of mud clearance. But it considerably restricts the selection of available whee sets. Inside our viewpoint, a traditional hike Back ending will have achieved precisely the project.

Mach Shuttle bike from Pivot Bikes

  • Shimano Measures E8000 Drive-train is Strong Although Streamlined, Capabilities Concealed battery integration Which Remains Stable by Way of 8 hex bolts and a Secure minimalist Exhibit Increases Your purist Texture.
  • Long-Lasting Shimano XT derailleur Using Shadow, clutch, and Electronics Di2 Altering, Accurate Shimano Saint Liter Disk brakes Using quad-piston callipers and Substantial 203mm rotor Facing 180mm from the Back.
  • Top Quality Selling Price, Exhibit Can Be Hard to Attain and Occasionally Browse, battery Has Some Time to Take out and put in. Many Will Soon be charging onto the Motorcycle Just.

These bicycles are build by ibis bikes. There are many models, and Ibis manufactures various frame types. These bikes are available in 33 countries so that ibis cycles is most famous and reliable. Riders and bicycle lovers mostly use ibis cycles. So that its performance and reliability is charming. There are types and models of ibis bicycles:

  • Rimpo
  • Rimpo AF
  • Ripley
  • Mojo HD5
  • Mojo
  • Hakka MX
  • DV9

Ibis Bikes

Rimpo ibis bikes

The Rimpo is also known as GX Eagle ibis bike. It is large with high-end components. The frame of this bike designed by carbon. It is adorable for climbers and for those who like to climb with cycles. Rimpo is one of the most famous bikes for climbing, due to its stability and reliability. It is one of the most efficient bikes for climbers and bike rider.


Fork            Fox Float 36 Performance Collection 160mm, 29″, 110×15

Shock           Fox Float DPX2 Performance, 210 x 55 / Fox Float X2 Factory Option + 200

Wheels           Ibis 938 Alloy, Ibis Hubs

Brakes            Shimano Deore 4 piston with 180 rotors

Cranks           SRAM Descendant Metal 175, DUB spindle, 32t French Ring

Rear Derailleur      SRAM Eagle GX 12 Speed

Shift Levers         SRAM Eagle GX 12 Speed

Cassette             SRAM XG 1275 10-50 12 Rate

String             SRAM Eagle GX with Power Lock, 12 Rate

Headset Cane          Creek 40 ZS44/ZS56

Grips                 Lizard Skins Charger Evo

Handlebars            Ibis 780mm Alloy

Stem                   Ibis 31.8mm (50mm)

Seat post                 KS LEV-Si Dropper

Saddle                  WTB Silverado 142

Ibis Bikes

Rimpo AF ibis bikes

Ibis bikes provides the Ripmo in 2 distinct versions. The normal Ripmo, constructed from carbon, and this Ripmo AF, which is built with aluminium. While it’s not unheard of for a business to provide both carbon and aluminium variations of the same bicycle, what’s uncommon is the aluminium bicycle came first, along with also the carbon followed a couple of months later. The bikes share suspension kinematics and nearly all of their geometry (there are a couple of minor differences if you place both geographic side-by-side). Still, the enormous difference is that the substance, a few weight and several bucks. Digging within that geometry: while”present” it indeed is not the slackest. Couple that with a 76-degree seat angle, and a mind tube/stack height that is not all that large, and you get a bicycle that’s at the centre of the spectrum because of its planned size. I will occasionally debate an L XL, but it’s a simple call to go more prominent with this bicycle. The aluminium frame is a short trip, for sure. In these times of swoopy carbon dioxide gives a small mid-school vibe with its frumpy aluminium tubes. The geometry and posture are lawfully present, but these aluminium tubes bend the brain just a bit.


Seat post   KS Rage-i Dropper 150 Millimeter

Brakes     SRAM Guide T 200/180 Millimeter

Tires       MAXXIS ASSEGAI 29″ 2.5″/2.5″

Fork       DVO Diamond D1 160 Millimeter

Handlebar  Ibis 780 Millimeter

Back Shock  DVO Jade X Coil 145 Millimeter

Stem       Ibis 50 Millimeter


  • The Ripley is among the lightest road bicycles available for consumers.
  • The bicycle carbon framework comes with a 7-year warranty.
  • The DW-Link suspension system supplies an efficient pedalling platform, exemplary mid-stroke service and big-hit compliance for cyclists around the Ibis Ripley.
  • Pros found the bicycle to be elegant and attentive to a rider input signal, with all the steep seat tube angle, low head tube angle, long wheelbase, 44mm reduced counter and short chainstay. Pros discovered that it didn’t waste energy through suspension.
  • The 44 mm-paid counter fork keeps the bicycle out of atmosphere nervous through tight uphill switchbacks or slow technological segments.
  • The geometry of this bike isn’t overly feeble or steep. Pros note that the bicycle is cushioned and enables passengers to ride within an excellent selection of terrain.
  • Pros agree that the bike hastens fast on apartments and medium increases.
  • The bike’s tires as much as 2.6″ wide. The stock wheel and tire combination permits passengers to the corner and move over branches and stones without difficulty.
  • Riders will conduct a lengthier dropper pole over the Ripley whilst the suspension set allows for a comfy seat tube.
  • The suspension uses IGUS bushings that reduce the burden of this bike. Also, they require additional maintenance.
  • The motorcycle includes a polycarbonate down-tube shield and modelled swing-arm guards to secure the framework from obstacles and debris to the road. It also provides the bike with a fantastic look.
  • The threaded base bracket is both silent and straightforward to keep over the Ripley.
  • There’s room to get a water jar at the lower part of this bike.
  • Custom bags can readily be utilized from the bike’s framework to transform the bike into a competent bike packing mountain-bike. That makes it effortless for riders to reset your dropper article on track if needed.

Ibis Bikes

Mojo HD5 ibis bikes

TRACTION TUNE DW Connection If you order an XX1 AXS or even GX kit, then you are going to find precisely the identical superior carbon fibre framework. Our bicycles are made from the highest-grade substances and optimized to your superior strength, weight, endurance, and ride operation. It gives an unmatched blend of climbing efficiency and downhill process, that’s been demonstrated over and over repeatedly at the highest levels of racing. It’s the most significant 27.5″ brawler, alive to ride up to now with 153mm of all dw-link controlled travel and also a 170mm fork. Seventy-six examples of scaling we want you to meet 64.2 quantities of descending. MOJO HD5 Our habit front and back suspension feature extra-light high-speed compression and rebound damping to supply outstanding grip. It permits the brakes to float through terrain such as a decoration truck whistling via a group of whoops. It is perfect bike from ibis bikes.

Hakka MX

  • Gear range is ample, with a profound non-invasive no jumps between steps.
  • Managing was receptive, stable. The Hakka leaned to corners on singletrack.
  • Organizers stated it sensed fast, even though filled with bike packing.
  • Many owners found meeting for always a cinch.
  • Hakka’s carbon frameworks were commended for its stiffness and compliance.
  • The layout of this Hakka’s framework was termed’ magnificent’ by owners.
  • The fireball’ reddish colourway has been lauded.
  • The Hakka earned a reputation because of its increasing abilities on the steep single track.
  • For this a rigid rig, the Hakka delivered relaxation on long-tail rides.
  • Packaging has been, apparently, stellar.
  • Only at 18.2pounds for a regular build — also 17lbs with habit parts, it had been light.
  • A sheath within the down-tube protects the carbon framework from stone strikes.
  • The end has been superb. Hakka utilize Ibis’s legendary hand job’ as a mud-guard bracket.
  • Entirely internal cabling keeps matters clean and protected.
  • Power transport is very productive.
  • The T-47 bottom-bracket is threaded, for simple replacement and maintenance.